MeteoNetwork API (english)


Prior to invoke each method, you need to generate a token, to be used together with the username on each request.

For token generation, follow these istructions:

  1. Authenticate on myMeteoNetwork;
  2. Visit Token management, from menu “Dettagli account” (Account details) –> “Gestisci token di autenticazione” (Manage authentication token);
  3. On the page you will see a list of your active token. To proceed to the generation of a new token, click Genera token (Generate Token);
  4. From this point you can execute the methods listed below. The token and username are provided on the page.

Available endpoint


Versione 2.1 – 20/06/2013


Available methods

You can find the methods documentation here or by WSDL at this address:



The database is released under ODbL license. More informations here.