MeteoNetwork API

MeteoNetwork API

Last update: 22/06/2020


Meteonetwork weather station network data is available through the REST API.

Please refer to the Swagger documentation available here. Human-readable documentation here


Current version: 3 (please refer to swagger for revisions)

Warning: v1 (/xml-rpc) and v2 (/v2) versions are DEPRECATED: support ended on 22/06/2020. Old versions will continue to work, so we encourage you to upgrade to avoid malfunctions.


You need a myMeteoNetwork account. Register here for free!
These APIs use the Bearer authentication scheme:

  1. Get a STANDARD token by /login method
  2. To send a request to methods, include a HTTP Header
    Authorization: Bearer <token>

Some bulk methods require a BULK type token. Read the documentation to request a BULK token type through the /login method (additional information is required about the activity you are going to perform).

NOTE: a v1/v2 token (MT**********) is not valid for v3 APIs!


Our platform and database are available under CC-BY 4.0 license. Please read License terms

Policies for using the MeteoNetwork Services

MeteoNetwork APIs are provided to query the MeteoNetwork weather database. Clients can be blocked without warning if they affect the service level for others or cause data corruption.

Using the API, the user agrees to:

  • Use the data attribution license;
  • Do not actively or passively encourage copyright infringement;
  • Present yourself with a valued and real User-Agent.
  • Maximum 1 request per second;
  • Maximum 1 thread.


You can contact us at

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20142 Milano
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